Online Lesson Booking system (WordPress plugin)

Document about WordPress plug-in "OLB(Online Lesson Booking)system"

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List of my favorite teachers made by "WP Favorite Posts"

Would a member of your site want to list of "My favorite teachers"? When using "WP Favorite posts", similar thing is possible.

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Reservation by an administrator using "User switching"

There is a function by which an administrator pretends a teacher and a member in OLB, but then reservation operation can't be performed. When using a "User switching" plug-in , an administrator can also do reservation operation for a member.

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Translation using "Loco translate"

A popular translation tool may be "Poedit", I am using that, too.
In others, "Loco translate" plug-in seems very easy for a webmaster.

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Member registration using "WP-Members"

I tried use of "WP-Members", where OLBsystem is installed.

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