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Version 0.7.8

  • Option which send reservation notifications to also administrator was added.
    (WordPress Admin menu "OLBsystem > Mail : Send to admin too".)


Version 0.7.7

  • Fixed a bug in the calendar.
    ( About the problem that occured when that will be specified the start day of the week )


Version 0.7.6

  • Domain Path of locale folder was changed “/languages”.
  • The accessing to the cancellation URL for member by teacher is recirected to that for the teacher.
  • Bug fix in "canReport()" and "report()".


Version 0.7.5

  • Bug fix.
    • Errors in the cell-click action in "front.js" has been corrected.
    • Error page when that could not be reserved has been corrected.
  • "front.js" is loaded with the "jQuery" by the "wp_enqueue_script()".
  • Action hook "parse_request" was changed to "template_redirect".


Version 0.7.4

  • Correction of the bug in which reservation fails in WordPress 4.4.


Version 0.7.3

  • * The property "Teacher" is possible to set in a "Add New User" page.
    If "Teacher" property was checked, "Role" is changed to "Author" automatically.
    (It is so even in a "User Edit" page.)


Version 0.7.2

  • * Bug fix caused by abolition of "WPLANG".


Version 0.7.1

  • * An incomplete file in Version 0.7.0 was complemented.


Version 0.7.0

  • * The option which invalidates a judgement of "Term of validity" was added into the plugin option page "OLBsystem:General".


Version 0.6.8

  • * The time format of the "Reservation form" and the "Cancellation form" were corrected from "00:00:00" to "00:00".
    e.g. "2015-05-30 14:30"


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