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The page of "the extension code for OLB" was made.

The page of "the extension code of OLB" was made.
» Online Lesson Booking Extensions
(However, that page is displayed mainly in Japanese language. Sorry.)

These customization codes were made so that common expanded function could be introduced in shorter time.
Although there are still few kinds of code, if there is a code which you want to use, please purchase, in future

Thanks for 1,000 downloads

This plug-in reached 1,000 downloads.


When I published this plug-in, I did not expect to become like this.
Therefore, I am very much surprised and thankful to users.

Thank you for giving many feedbacks.
I would like to improve this plug-in little by little.

OLB was added to WordPress plugins directory

WordPress plug-in "Online Lesson Booking" was added WordPress plugins directory.


Version 0.2.0 was released

The document was written in accordance with the contents of version 0.2.0. At the same time, plug-in was released.
» Download

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