In order to enrich a site more..

The function which OLBsystem supplies is just "reservation".
However, if outstanding plug-in which other persons created is utilized, a site will be able to be enriched more.


Recommend plug-ins

  • Login form and a new member registration page can be installed in a front end.
  • The notice sentence sent to a user at the time of member registration can be edited.
  • And etc.
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User Switching
  • The administrator who logs in can change a user account.
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Never Let Me Go
  • A withdrawal-from-the-membership page (processing) can be installed.
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Import Users from CSV
  • An administrator can import CSV and register a lot of users (teachers and members) quickly.
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Really Simple CSV Importer
  • An administrator can import CSV and post a lot of teachers' articles quickly.
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  • This plug-in helps multi-lingual of WordPress (change in a display language).
Contact Form 7
  • Inquiry form can be installed.
Maintenance Mode
  • Message "Under a maintenance" can be displayed on a web site.
Duplicate Post
  • This plugin allows to clone a post or page.


OLB Extensions

The extension codes of “OLB” are supplied here.

The customization for cooperating with other plug-in is often requested. However, the work differs in each case, and expends much time.

For that reason, the customization code was made so that expanded function common to shorter time could be introduced.
If there is a code which you want to use, please purchase.



Please refer to it for combined use with other plug-in, and the technique of a theme here.
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I receive orders of the customization of OLBsystem suitable for each web site.
That orders are charged.
And the support is only a Japanese language.

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