I tried use of "WP-Members", where OLBsystem is installed.


Trial environment

ThemeTwenty Twelve 1.2
Plugins OLBsystem 0.1.4
WP-members 2.8.5
WP Multibyte Patch 1.7



  1. Install WP-Members and activate it.

  2. Change a user's registration method of WordPress.

    WordPress General Settings
    "Membership"Uncheck "Membership Anyone can register"
  3. Create a page required of WP-Members.

    Page nameSlugShort code
    Registerregister[wp-members page="register"]
    Loginlogin[wp-members page="login"]
    User profileuserprofile[wp-members page="user-profile"]
  4. Set up settings of WP-Members.

    "Notify admin"Check
    "Moderate registration"Check
    User Profile Page:The created "User profile" page
    Register Page:The created "Login" page
    Skype ID
    [Field Label]: "Skype ID"
    [Option Name]: "user_skype"
    [Field Type]: text
    [Display/Required]: Check both

    [Screen shot] Add a field
    Setting of mail
    * Change each notice sentence suitably.
  5. Change settings of OLBsystem.

    Special pages
    "Login page""login" (Slug of the created "Login" page)
  6. Open the menu "Appearance - Widget", change suitably the link menu in the widget "Members only".
    The widget "Members only" is a widget of OLBsystem attachment.
    It is the block displayed only during a member's login.


The flow of member login

  1. The member accesses "My page". Then, it is redirected to "login" page created for MP-Members.

  2. If a member logs in, it will be redirected to "My page".

These redirection is set up by "General" settings of OLBsystem.


The flow of new member registration

  1. If a guest user opens reservation form from "Teacher's weekly schedule", it will be redirected to "login" page created for MP-Members.

  2. A guest user opens a "new member registration" page from the lower part of "login" page.

  3. An applicant and an administrator will be informed by e-mail, if a guest user inputs an indispensable item and does member registration.

  4. If an administrator accepts an applicant's member registration, an applicant will be notified of ID and a password.

  5. If an applicant logs in, it will be redirected to "My page".