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About demo site

▶ マンツーマンのオンラインレッスンを立ち上げる

This demonstration site is a production example using a “Online Lesson Booking (OLB)” plug-in.


Model of this site

This site assumed the following service, and was made.

Service On-line English lesson using Skype
Teachers 6 people
Timetable 10:00 ~ 22:00
Registration Free
Lesson * Trial lesson is free twice.
* After trial, member has to buy the ticket.
* 1 ticket is spent for 1 reservation.
* The expiration date of a ticket is until 30 days after purchase.
* When more tickets are bought, the expiration date of all tickets is renewed.


Theme / Plugins

The theme and the plug-in used in this site are as follows.

Theme Academica (It may be the very old version.)
* This is as a parent-theme. I customized it a little.
Online Lesson Booking OLB
User Switching User switching
WP Multibyte Patch for Japanese
Category Posts Widget. Information.
Crazy Bone Logging.


To do entry work (teacher’s registration, and posts article which introduces teachers) efficiently, the following plug-in was also used temporarily.

Import Users from CSV To register the teachers.
Really Simple CSV Importer To post article which introduces a teacher.


▶ マンツーマンのオンラインレッスンを立ち上げる