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Example: About lesson

▶ マンツーマンのオンラインレッスンを立ち上げる


Below is a sample of the page explained about a lesson.

When using OLB, the condition that reservation is permitted is as follows.
(1) the expiration date.
Or (2) ticket and the expiration date.
You’d be able to use by one of rules.

(There are also other “point system module”.
It can specify the consumption point of time of booking for each teacher.)


For example

About lesson


Skype is used for a lesson. Please get Skype beforehand and make an account.



1 lesson is 25 minutes. You can reserve even 2 lessons a day.
When a successive 2 lesson is reserved, the lesson for 50 minutes is also possible.
Log in by registered Skype ID and stand by by 5 minutes before at the lesson starting scheduled time.
When canceling it, do by 30 minutes before.


Member registration

The member registration is free.
Trial lesson is free twice.
Also register Skype ID in case of member registration.


Ticket system

After trial, member has to buy the ticket.
1 ticket is spent for 1 reservation.
The expiration date of a ticket is until 30 days after purchase.
When more tickets are bought, the expiration date of all tickets is renewed.



Accept credit cards and bank transfers.
In case of the credit card payment, PayPal is used.
The number of tickets and a renewal of the expiration date are completed within 2 business days from payment.



When having used a ticket up or having passed the expiration date, a lesson can’t be reserved any more.
Even if the expiration date of a remaining ticket passes, when buying more tickets, a lesson can be reserved.
If member want to unsubscribe, send from the form.
If member does unsubscribe, the ticket which remained is lost.


▶ マンツーマンのオンラインレッスンを立ち上げる